Video essay competition

 As part of our AHRC-funded Conference “Worldmaking around the world: rethinking the intersections of popular media, translation and LGBTQ+ activism across cultures”, University of Exeter, 21st and 22nd May 2021, we have launched a video essay competition

VIDEO ESSAY: Looking on Vimeo

What you need to do

Please create a video project 3-6 minutes in length. The video should be a creative-critical presentation on queer media-related topics. Examples are (but are not limited to):

  • Queer media and queer activism
  • The transnational histories of queer cinema
  • The image of LGBTQ+ people in media (e.g. film, TV, and music)
  • Queer culture and Pride film festival
  • Appropriation and translation in global queer media flows
  • Watching queer media during lockdown
  • Translation/re-interpretation of/within queer media
  • Communities in and of queer media
  • Popular culture and queer cinema
  • Translation and global queer culture
  • BLM and queer solidarity in the media

The video might be in the form of “original scripted content” or combine aspects of a “video essay” which integrates clips of other videos or stills (which need to be cited, much as would be a quotation in a textual essay). The video should have a title and should include some credits that list the name and student ID (this can just be simply a shot of a handwritten or word-processed sheet).

Group work or joint work is also welcomed.

How to submit

When the video is made, send a link (dropbox or other cloud storage) so that it can be downloaded to a computer. Deadline: May 1st, 2021.

You may alternatively upload it to youtube, BUT make your video is set to ‘private’ and include the link and password in your email. It is vital that you back up your video essay using a memory stick or other storage drive.

All video essays submitted will be reviewed by the judge panel of the conference. The results of the competition will be revealed around early June 2021. Winners will receive gift vouchers with values from 30 to 100 GBP and a few video essays will be selected to screen publicly during the conference.