Shanghai Pride Film Festival

On June 15th 2019,  researchers from the project, Dr Ting Guo and Dr Jonathan Evans, organized a workshop entitled “Translating Anglophone Queer Cinema into Chinese: Imagination, Identification and Representation” at the Shanghai Pride Film Festival. In this workshop, Dr Guo and Dr Evans jointly presented a talk on “Translating Britishness”, where they explored how the Britishness is portrayed in queer films and interpreted by Chinese fan translators.

We also invited Dr Benedict Morrison, an expert in British queer cinema at University of Exeter, who gave an exciting talk on “A Queer History of British Cinema”, and representatives from our partners and influential online queer communities, Jihua and QAFone, who introduced the history and development of their subtitling practices and shared their individual stories of founding the online communities and participating in the translation of Anglophone queer films.

The festival’s own report about the event can be found at this link.

Many thanks to Min and Raymond, the organizers of Shanghai Pride Festival, who generously provided the venue for free. Thanks also go to Zemin, our volunteer from Beijing Film Academy, who helped with organization of the event and took photos for us.