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For more on LGBTQ+ and Queer aspects of translation, as well as queer cinema, please see:

Digital version of Queer Cinema in Motion exhibition

In collaboration with the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, we curated a small exhibition of materials connected to the international travels of queer cinema (see the Exhibition tab for more details).

Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies on LGBT/queer activism

Edited by Michela Baldo, Jonathan Evans and Ting Guo, this paywalled special issue deals with LGBT+ and queer activism around the world. The special issue is not a formal output from the Translating for Change project but explores similar ideas.

China’s Subtitle Army

Article in the online magazine Rest of the World about queer fansubbing in China (with expert comment by the Translating for Change team).

Translational and transnational queer fandom in China: the fansubbing of Carol

New (paywalled) article in Feminist Media Studies by Ting Guo and Jonathan Evans. This was started before we began the funded part of our project and is the first academic output connected to Translating for Change.

Feature Essay: Investigating LGBTQ+ Issues in Translation by Michela Baldo, Jonathan Evans and Ting Guo

Michela BaldoJonathan Evans and Ting Guo discuss the interconnections between LGBTQ+ issues and translation. In the essay, they reflect on the translation of queer vernaculars, the relationship between queer theory and international LGBTQ+ cultures and the future directions of the study of translation and LGBTQ+ activism.

Five Films for Freedom

Details about the international LGBTQ+ short film programme, Five Films for Freedom from the BFI Flare and the British Council. The project organised an event around this programme in Beijing in 2019.

Dr Benedict Morrison on queer British cinema

Our colleague Benedict Morrison, from the University of Exeter, recorded a 15-minute talk on queer British cinema as part of our events. You can see it, with Chinese and English subtitles here, on Youtube.

Dr Jonathan Evans on translating Britishness

Our CoI, Dr Jonathan Evans from the University of Glasgow, presented an 11-minute talk on translating British queer cinema. This video has been subtitled in both Chinese and English and can be found here on Youtube.

Queer Translation Bibliography

Collated by Brian Baer and Klaus Kaindl, this non-exhaustive bibliography is an excellent resource for the interaction between queer and translation studies

Queer Translation Collective:

The Queer Translation Collective (QTC), founded in 2017 by Jon D. Jaramillo, represents a vision of a collective in the generative process of creating a community between living and dead queer subjects, recuperated or still waiting to be unsilenced.